Blackhorse Museum Fulda e.V.
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On about 400 m“ we are presenting the history of the friendship and the US-troops in the region Fulda.For a better understanding we have divided the presentation into themes rooms. These themes rooms we have put under the following categories:

  • Constabulary und 14th Cavalry
  • Army green 11th ACR
  • Fulda-GAP - 11th ACR
  • Fulda High, Boy Scouts, Motor pool
  • 40-years DAFKS KONTAKT Fulda
  • USAREUR and 7th Army
  • Sickels Army-Airfield - 11th ACR, 14th Cavalry
  • ARMY - Dress Blue
  • Community - 11th ACR, 14th Cavalry
  • in preparation - US-Army and Reservists/li>
  • in preparation - 14th Cavalry in Germany – 2nd World War until 1972
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