Blackhorse Museum Fulda e.V.

In Agreement with the association of the 14th Calvary Regiments we have extended the name of our museum – with the name extension we try to explain that before the 11th ACR the 14th Cavalry Regiment and before this the Constabulary as well as other units were stationed in the area of Fulda who had naturally well-founded the actual German-American friendship in the area of Fulda. However, we have been already reminded of this in our museum since 1994.

Wellcome on the internet page of the Blackhorse Museum Fulda

We keep in mind the almost 50 years of the US Americans in Fulda. At the beginning there is the Constabluary 1945 - 1951 then the 14th Cavalry Regiment of 1951 - 1972 and finally the 11th ACR – Blackhorse of 1972 until 1993/94.

In our exhibition you will also find a theme room about the United States Army Europe (USAREUR) and 7th Army in general.

We are a member of the association for museums in Hessen, of the federal association of the German-American friendship OUTREACH-KONTAKT and the DAFKS KONTAKT Fulda’s association.

On the following pages we have arranged some information for you – if you should have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Song written for the Blackhorse Museum

The music played in the background is a song that was especially composed and written for the museum in Fulda.

“BERLIN WALL”- Fulda Gap
Written and Music by: Michael Reeves for the Blackhorse Museum Fulda
Arranged by Marc Bryan
Vocals by Michael Reeves

The commercial rights here for were given to the museum in Fulda. If you like the song and you want to buy it please turn to our office per email. We are now proud of being able to present our first own song.  At the same time, bro.stylz as Michael Reeves and Marc Bryan call themselves in the USA aren’t unknown songwriter. They have been composed and written many songs. You can listen to parts under

Many thanks to Michael and Bryan

The pictures show Michael Reeves as a part of How-Battery during his time 11th ACR in Fulda and today

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[Translate to Englisch:] Michael Reeves 02